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Sleepless near Seattle

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I’m off to Vancouver on Sunday to spend five weeks at UBC, thanks to the people at Universitas 21, who were kind enough to part with the required cash. It’ll be a chance to immerse myself a bit in Gregor Kiczales’ current thinking on fluid AOP. I’m banking on fluid AOP being the “killer app” for interactive programming languages. Every paradigm needs its killer app!

Unfortunately I’m still miles away from useful applications, but I finally have something to report. I even have some software that works, almost 800 lines of entirely uninteractive Haskell.

I’m planning to submit this paper to Onward! at the end of the week. In terms of technical maturity (or lack of) I feel stranded half-way between “applied” conferences like OOPSLA and more formal ones like ICFP, so I’m not sure if this is the right forum. The paper is rather rough in parts, particularly towards the end. I’ve also gratuitously ignored the topic of bidirectionality, which is essential to practical interactive programming. I would welcome comments on which bits are hardest to make sense of.